Patient Reviews:

Hi Audrey,

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all your effort and help with my ongoing neck pain. When I was first prescribed PT, I was not optimistic, I had been to other therapists with limited success. I quickly realized at my first appointment that your expertise and knowledge instilled confidence to trust your process and work with you to find a potential solution. I know I may have asked too many questions, but you always listened and explained your methodical approach, which helped me to better understand why we did certain things. Over the course of treatment, it was also very apparent that you truly care about your patient’s outcome and have a true desire to help people feel better. I am happy to say that my time spent with you was well worthwhile! You have given me tools that I use daily and I continue to have improvement with my neck pain.

Best wishes, thank you again!!

– Mike E

Audrey is so much more than a diagnostic-prescriptive physical therapist. She possesses a vast knowledge base which she readily shares, educating throughout the recovery process. Audrey fosters independence so that you may continue to advance well beyond your final office visit.

-Nan N.

I would very much like to thank you, Audrey, for my recent, successful treatment of neck and dizziness issues. Not only did you relieve my symptoms fairly quickly but taught me why issues were are occurring and gave me “tools” to prevent them. I know that my issues are lifelong but knowing I have daily exercises that can relieve or prevent the symptoms is life changing. I hope I won’t need your services again in the future but should I; it is comforting to know you and your practice are available. Many thanks again.

– Sue F.

I’ve been to Anchor Physical Therapy for two separate episodes of care. Initially, I saw Audrey for vertigo issues; this is her specialty and this type of care is not performed by many therapists. Later I developed knee pain and learned she also handles joint-related problems. Audrey is personable and pleasant, caring, and I’d highly recommend coming to Anchor PT for care. I’m happy with how much I was helped from when I came in with both issues. 

– Marlene P, Sept 2022

Thank you so much, Audrey, for your wisdom and amazing ability to help me get my life back on track when I was feeling so unstable and afraid. In addition to the impressively easy exercises that you taught to help reduce and alleviate my physical symptoms, the calming and centering techniques you shared have helped soothe my anxieties about dealing with vertigo and the possiblity of flare-ups as well.  Physical Therapy with you has been incredibly helpful. With this toolbox of exercises, you have empowered me to help myself…. that’s a big relief and huge gift! I’m am so pleased that you are part of my healthcare team. I emphatically endorse You and Anchor Physical Therapy. 

– Linda O, Oct 2022

Audrey Paslow is a knowledgeable, experienced, and caring physical therapist. She diagnosed my ailment quickly and correctly and her treatment resulted in almost total elimination of symptoms. Furthermore, Audrey provided me with “at home” exercises to use should symptoms reappear in the future. I highly recommend, without reservation, Audrey Paslow as an outstanding physical therapist.

– Steven S, Sept 2022