Anchors are our stability point in the sea; they steady a ship on choppy waves and calm its movement that a storm can create. The approach to treatment in physical therapy shares many commonalities; finding your anchor point may come in the form of stabilizing an unsteady joint; strengthening a weak muscle, or sharpening reaction skills for balance.

Anchor Physical Therapy believes that helping each patient find their “anchor” helps to re-establish confidence and independence, and further promote healing. This requires approaching a problem holistically, viewing the person as an individual, and devising a customized treatment plan with their individual goals in mind. Being engaged and taking on meaningful work from with this perspective helps ensure greater success. Per current neurorehabilitative treatment theories, the further one can engage their brain in treatment, the more effectively they can retrain their body to promote recovery.

Our Goals:

Anchor Physical Therapy, PLLC, aims to be an innovative and adaptive company committed to providing evidenced-based, individualized care to patients’ needs with flexibility and compassion – whether this care is in a traditional office setting, in the comfort of one’s home, or via a distance platform for telemedicine.